New Hong Kong
Chinese Restaurant
3116 W 76th St,
Hialeah, FL 33018
(305) 698-5400
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Item Name Price

57 Mixed Vegetable

Vegetales Mixtos

58 Sauteed Broccoli

Brocoli Salteado

59 Broccoli w. Garlic Sauce

(Spicy) Brocoli en Salsa de Ajo

60 Sauteed Mixed Vegetables

Vegetales Mitos Salteados

61 Tofu Home Style

Tofu con Especial de la casa

62 Ma Po Tofu with Minced Pork

(Spicy) Ma Po TOfu sin Puerco

62 Ma Po Tofu without Minced Pork

(Spicy) Ma Po Tofu con Puerco

63 Eggplant Garlic Sauce

(Spicy) Berenjena en Salsa de Ajo

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